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  We are planning to form, in accordance with your requirements, a working party consisting of experienced partners, attorneys-at-law and assistant lawyers who are proficient in the company law, the intellectual property law and the labor law to deliver efficient and effective legal services.

  The said working party will have seven core members headed by and including our partners Zhu Xiaotao, Ge Hong, Li Hongxia and Zhou Guofeng. More attorneys-at-law, if needed, are also available. Here are their respective profiles:

  Zhu Xiaotao, male, partner, vice-manager of the firm, manager of Civil and Business Law Department of Changzhou Lawyer’s Association, the legal expert of Changzhou government think tank, the arbitrator of Changzhou Arbitration Commission, the consultant of Changzhou WTO Consultant Centre, the member of Changzhou People’s Political Consultative Conference.

He has been a lawyer since 1988. He got lots of experiences in his legal career and trained many inexperienced lawyers. He is also appreciated by his clients, many judges and procurators since he can offer perfect legal services and protect his clients’ rights as he can as possible. Additional, for enterprises, he always can give valuable legal advices.   

  Special field:Litigation, Company Law, Real Estate Law.    

  Tel:13306121218  Email:zxtcz@sina.com

  Li Hongxia, female, partner, has been a lawyer since 1993. Because of her judge life before her lawyer career, she got efficient legal experiences and special mode of thinking. She graduated pre-Master from University College London so she can speak English fluently which give her ability to service for international companies.

  Special field: International Business Law, Investment Law, Insurance Law

  Tel:13806117619  Email:lhx@czlawyer.com

  Zhou Guofeng, male, has been a lawyer since 1999. During nearly ten years, his litigation skills have been improved dramatically, and he has provided legal services professionally and effectively. In the same time, he decided that his special field would be Labor Law, therefore, he has paid more attention on Labor Law. He is able to help enterprises availably to reduce labor cost and defend for enterprises’ legal rights.

  Special field: Labor Law 

  Tel:13861000693  Email:zgf975718@163.com







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