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Company law service: 

   we can offer our clients all the services in terms of the establishment, operation, reform and the bankruptcy process of a company to secure with law the development of all the enterprises and reduce their investment risks and operational cost. Our lawyers team sets up a specialized service website “Changzhou Company Law Counselor” (http://gsf.zsllawyer.com) which aims to deliver better service to the Chinese enterprises share with them our expertise and promote the communication of the legal practice.

Real estate service:
  We have specialized real estate department to offer service in disputes over real estate such as sales of housing and the right to land use. To meet the needs of the booming real estate industry, we set up our professional web site “Changzhou Lawyers for buildings and Real Estate” (http://www.zsllawyer.com)to promote the development of the real estate industry in good order by offering all the enterprises and the buyers of real estate the latest legal information theoretically and practically.

Labor law service:

  To actively respond to the national policy of strengthening legal protection over the employees, we spare no effort to reduce the cost of labor force for the enterprises by offering legal checks before the employment and efficient and effective settlement of a dispute if any. To publicize and popularize the labor law in our client enterprises, we hosted several lectures on the labor law and the contract law practice for them, which were welcome by all our client enterprises.

Service for the foreign-related legal affairs: 

    To deep our study in foreign-related legal affairs with reference to relevant practice, we formed a professional group consisting of our ambitious young attorneys-at-law headed by Li Hongxia, our experienced attorney-at-law. This team is leading Changzhou to deliver to the foreign-related enterprises professional checks and help them exploit international markets in the atmosphere of trade globalization and international legal cooperation.(website: http://www.changzhou-lawyer.com)

  With our sophisticated expertise and our commitment to professionism and responsibility to client needs, we are optimistic about our future and striving to embrace any possible challenge with great confidence. We are ready to provide our clients with excellent all-round comprehensive service with high efficiency and effectiveness

The services of our counselor-at-law
  1. Worked as Party A’s agent, participate in intermediation, lawsuit and arbitration activity of all suit & arbitration cases.
  2. As to Party A’s economic activity, for some major projects involving investment, financing, cooperation and acquisition, Party B should participate in relevant legal documents’ enquiry, inspection and hazard demonstration task.
  3. Provide whole-course auditing, tracing, research, hazard prevention job for enterprise management activity such as mass purchasing and important investment.
  4. Participate in negotiation activity on important business affairs which designated by enterprise.
  5. Conduct enquiry work on related cooperated company, and issue legal proposal.
  6. Help enterprise establish regulation system on related contract management; establish draft, audit, approval and conclusion system as to important and foreign economic contract.
  7. Help establish contract archive system on Party A’s customer. 
  8. Help establish application & protection system on trademark and patent within enterprise.
  9. Help enterprise establish protection system on trade secret & technical secret subject to enterprise’s own status.
  10. Based on Party A’s requirement, and combine with legal regulations, Party B shall draft and prepare enterprise employee labor contract, and supervise the actual fulfillment of such employment contract.
  11. Help enterprise draft and conclude employee contract regarding to technicians and external experts, and supervise the actual fulfillment of such employment contract.
  12. Help enterprise draft and prepare “company employee manual” as required by enterprise itself, as well as working regulation system of every department & position.

  13. In cognizance of management problems existing in Party A, the lawyer should focus on legal knowledge training within Party A’s employees, help the employees learn relevant laws and policies on enterprise management in order to improve basic legal consciousness and qualification, and then prevent legal troubles.

Our operational security
  Huaide Law Firm enjoys a solid track record built on our commitment to service, profession and dedication to the interests of our clients.

Excellent reputation:  

  Our track record, our admirable honor in the legal profession and our social credit are the best illustrations of our excellent and satisfactory services. 

Excellent team of attorneys-at-law:

   The quality of legal services derives directly from the quality of the team of attorneys-at-law. In order to improve the personal quality of all our practicing lawyers in an all-round way, in addition to making full use of the synchronous law database and the electronic service platform for lawyers to know the latest developments of the laws, we follow the convention of a regular annual meeting with lawyers from other cities and areas and a regular weekly proseminar on the latest legal theories and legal practice to help our attorneys-at-law cultivate and accumulate legal expertise.

Quality control: 

  Personal experience of an individual attorney-at-law is vital for him/her to provide excellent legal service, but subjectiveness may also be an inevitable twin of a sophisticated lawyer. Therefore, strict measures shall be adopted to address this issue. In our services, such measures as strict operation management, standard models of legal documents, timely operation supervision and overall professional proseminars are adopted to reduce the subjectiveness of attorneys-at-law 

Social relationship:

  Huaide Law Firm derived from the consolidation of two famous old law firms. Several lawyers, who are the director of Changzhou Layers’ Association, the arbitrators of Changzhou Arbitration Committee, the committee members of the Financial and Securities Committee and Administrative and National Compensation Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Lawyers’ Association respectively, of this firm have been a practicing lawyer for more than 15 years. We have been keeping good cooperation with all the legal organizations and agencies.


  We have procured insurance against practicing lawyers’ liability from the People’s Property Insurance Co. Ltd., Changzhou Branch. Therefore, your interests will be well secured in our cooperation.

Confidential Promise: 

  We strive to do all we can to respect our clients’ privacy and never disclose to any third party any material, information or other matters our lawyer(s) have involved in or dealt with.

All readiness available for your services:

  All the communication means of the members on the working party are available for you so that all your due requirements can be satisfied anywhere and anytime.






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