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Legal Consultant Agreement

Party A:

Party B: Jiangsu DeYin Law Firm
Address: 504,No.231,Laodong Xi Road, Changzhou
Tel: 83118388 83118088
Fax: 86662536


  According to the regulations within《The lawyer law of P. R. C.》, to protect its own self-equity, Party A shall retain the lawyer from Party B, to be the legal counselor for Party A. Party B accepts this employment invitation. Based on mutual benefit the following agreement should be carried out via both negotiation and discussion. 

  Jiangsu DeYin Law Firm, a partnership merged by two firms in 2007, which are Changzhou Jiapeng Law Firm established in 1995 and Changzhou Quanmingan Law Firm set up in 2000. With the shared philosophy of “to be more comparative and go to the world”, the firm, a one of the largest law firms provides comprehensive services in Jiangsu Province, in East China. Equipped with modern office systems, modern communication and transportation means, there are 29 practicing lawyers, four assistant lawyers and several other office workers in our firm. 

  Talented people and their expertise are the basis on which this academic-and-application-oriented partnership depends. All the practicing lawyers who are the strong backbone of this partnership have keen business sense and are principle-oriented, innovative and adaptive to the legal profession. All the practicing lawyers are graduates with the bachelor degree or above. They are proficient in not only laws, but also other related areas such as finance, foreign trade at home and abroad, accounting, real estate and the English language. They all enjoy high reputation and respect in the local community for their commitments to serve our clients of different professional areas such as civil and business service, economic and administrative service, intellectual property rights service, company operation and criminal service.

  With our sophisticated expertise and our commitment to professionism and responsibility to client needs, we are optimistic about our future and striving to embrace any possible challenge with great confidence. We are ready to provide our clients with excellent all-round comprehensive service with high efficiency and effectiveness.

The services of Party B
  While solving legal disputes for Party A, Party B should take prevention as primary, execute radical measures, and comprehensively promote enterprise institutionalization, standardization management, bring legal system into management. The services of Party B are as following:

  1.Worked as Party A’s agent, participate in intermediation, lawsuit and arbitration activity of all suit & arbitration cases.

  2.As to Party A’s economic activity, for some major projects involving investment, financing, cooperation and acquisition, Party B should participate in relevant legal documents’ enquiry, inspection and hazard demonstration task..

  3.Provide whole-course auditing, tracing, research, hazard prevention job for enterprise management activity such as mass purchasing and important investment.

  4.Participate in negotiation activity on important business affairs which designated by enterprise.

  5.Conduct enquiry work on related cooperated company, and issue legal proposal.

6.Help enterprise establish regulation system on related contract management; establish draft, audit, approval and conclusion system as to important and foreign economic contract.

  7.Help establish contract archive system on Party A’s customer.
  8.Help establish application & protection system on trademark and patent within enterprise.

  9.Help enterprise establish protection system on trade secret & technical secret subject to enterprise’s own status.

  10.Based on Party A’s requirement, and combine with legal regulations, Party B shall draft and prepare enterprise employee labor contract, and supervise the actual fulfillment of such employment contract.

  11.Help enterprise draft and conclude employee contract regarding to technicians and external experts, and supervise the actual fulfillment of such employment contract.

  12.Help enterprise draft and prepare “company employee manual” as required by enterprise itself, as well as working regulation system of every department & position.

  13.In cognizance of management problems existing in Party A, the lawyer should focus on legal knowledge training within Party A’s employees, help the employees learn relevant laws and policies on enterprise management in order to improve basic legal consciousness and qualification, and then prevent legal troubles. 

Party B’s working time and method
  1.The legal service provided by Party B’s lawyer should combine periodical & designated enterprise on-site service with irregular contact to fully execute legal consultation job.

  2.Party B’s lawyer should keep in regular contact with Party A’s contact person; commence service work at any time in case of any emergency together with Party A’s contact person. 

Party A’s responsibility and Legal service condition offered to Party B
  1.Party A shall pay Party B the legal fees total RMB        per year. Such payment
should be paid off in one lump sum while signing the contract; and Party B should
issue relevant invoice to Party.

  2.Party A appoints      to assist Party B’s lawyer to conduct the legal service job.

  3.During contract period, as to any arbitration and lawsuit case for Party A, Party B shall charge Party A legal agent fee additionally, which is 50% of the standard fee regulated by government.

  4.Party A should provide Party B necessary working condition for on-site service.

5.The actual expense (include traffic fee, accommodation fee, archives enquiry fee and so on) arising from legal service business shall be paid by Party A.
Other issues
  1.Party A should provide all kinds of written material and explain the situations based on truth while being asked to provide legal service by Party B.

  2.Legal service should be provided timely and correctly. Party B also should try to represent as many solutions as possible for Party A to choose from.

  3.The lawyer from Party B has no responsibility to provide legal service to Party A’s employees themselves.


Contract conclusion and effective condition
  1.This contract shall remain in force for a period of one year, and will come into effect since it is signed by both parties.

  2.This contract will be two copies, each party hold one copy.
Party A                                Party B

Legal Representative         Legal Representative





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